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suggestion for best computer to buy.

Desktop PC:

Advantages of Desktop PC:

  • Lots of memory space
  • easy to upgrade
  • fast processors
  • no battery
  • large screen ( depending on the monitor)
  • cheaper than laptops and tablets
  • the monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc

Disadvantages of Desktop PC:

  • large footprint
  • need keyboard, mouse and monitor
  • big and heavy
  • can be noisy
  • requires a separate monitor
  • probably without wireless connection
  • not portable

Laptop PC:

Advantages of Laptop PC:

  • easy to carry
  • small and light weight
  • powered by battery
  • portable

Disadvantages of Laptop PC

  • very expensive
  • less ergonomic than a desktop
  • easy to steal or loose
  • can over heat easily because it is a compact system

Tablet PC:

Advantages of Tablet PC:

  • small and light weight
  • recognizes handwriting
  • can be used as a GPS system
  • great for note taking
  • can connect keyboard on it
  • multi-touch screen
  • can connect to internet from anywhere.
  • long battery lifetime

Disadvantages of tablet PC:

  • easy to damage
  • weak capability
  • traditional key-boards are mush more comfortable
  • small screen
  • high cost
  • don’t have optical drives for CDs and DVDs
  • less number of ports
  • cant work with massive amounts of data


The Best computer to buy would be the Desktop PC because it is fast, has lots of memory space, is a quick processor, has no battery and its very cheap.


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